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Project Managers and Partners

Project Managers & Partners


CJ Accounting

C & J Accounting and Secretarial Services are the managers of the project. C & J was founded in 1972. C & J provides multiple services which include Accounting and Bookkeeping; Tax Consultancy; Company Secretarial Services; Financial Advice and Planning; Estate Planning; Audit Functions; Payroll Services; Mergers and Acquisitions; Investments and Listings; Training and Staff Recruitment; Project Management; Insurance; Property Management and Business Plans.

Project Partners

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

The Ministry has given ZIMSWAP the right to go into schools and market the project through the assistance of Provincial Education Directors and District Schools Inspectors. They assist ZIMSWAP by setting up meetings with school heads so that our sales team can promote the project to the school heads.

Drill Sergeant

Drill Sergeant and other drilling companies

Drill Sergeant formerly known as Platinum Drilling Resources (PDR) started its operations in December 2009. In July 2011 the company was incorporated to trade as Drill Sergeant. Drill Sergeant offers the following services: borehole drilling, siting, flush casing, flush outs, pump installations and capacity testing. Drill Sergeant’s role in the project is to drill and install the boreholes, solar powered pumps and the drip irrigation systems.

Other drilling companies are also involved in the project and have the same role as Drill Sergeant.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

Natural Energy International

Natural Energy International (NEI) is an energy company that provides affordable and modern solar products and services. Our brand slogan is SAVING COSTS, POWERING THE NATIONS. Products that we offer includes: Solar Home Systems, Inverters, Solar Panels, Solar Batteries Solar Heater/Geysers and Solar Trailers

Financial Institutions

The relevant financial institutions will be providing financing of the project to the schools for a period of up to 3 years.

Prime Seed

Prime Seed provides seeds used in the project. Furthermore Prime Seed appoints an Agronomists who assists the school in looking for ways to increase soil productivity, improve the quality of seed and the nutritional value of the crops.